Free web Hosting. Pro & Cons

FREE Web Hosting Pros & Cons

If you are thinking of starting your online business or if you want to run your website, then you need hosting. So it will be impossible for you to work without a hosting server.
There will be two options when you are searching for hosting for your web hosting and others will be the Paid hosting you might get confused about what to choose Paid or free website hosting.
And you all know if the free one will be the best, no one is going to buy the Paid version. So if you want to grow in a better way, go for the Paid hosting.
Why they’re offering the free hosting for website, we will discuss everything about free hosting and paid hosting. So just stick to this blog, and in the end, you will be clear about everything you need to know for your website Hosting.

The best free web hosting sites you will get in the market right now will be the Blogspot and WordPress.
If you have already done your research about blogs or maybe you might have read many blogs. You must have noticed there are so many websites that have Blogspot or WordPress after their domain name. And this is one of the most significant drawbacks you will get when you are working with free web hosting that you will always get their name after your domain name. And a person visiting your website will be aware of that fact by just the name of your website.

When a client will be visiting your website and the first thing he will be noticing that there is the name of the server after the name of your website. He might even think that you are not into that business completely. And he might not stay with your website, because back in his mind even you are not investing in your business by using a free host server.

Free web Hosting sites


Bandwidth and storage space Is one of the essential points you need to keep in mind if you want your website to be on top—the amount of data you can store, which means better delivery to the customer.
Paid hosting gives you unlimited space for storage. So when your customer visits your website, he will get maximum data like content visual images for better understanding. More storage means more data, images, and video stored, which might not be available on the free hosted website.
If you are working with free website hosting initially, you can manage. But once the traffic increase on your website, you will need more data on your website. And for that, you will need more storage space.
Free web hosting also gives you a lower bandwidth compared to Paid hosting.


You can use any domain name, whether you are using the Paid hosting or the Free web Hosting. The only difference that matters is when you will be using the free version, then the name of your website or URL will be a little different in comparison to the paid ones.
For example, if you are making one website on WordPress ( is one of the best free web hosting sites) from the free hosting And let’s assume your domain name is my name, so your official website name will be
But if you are someone who is using the Paid version, your official website name will be

So if you want your business as a brand name, I will suggest you go for the Paid Hosting. So that your official website name will not include the name of the server in that field impact much better do your audience.
In addition to that, there are so many Paid hosting service providers that provide a free custom domain for one year, which you can renew any time you want. And with the free hosting, you will not get these beneficial features, so it’s a win-win with the paid version.


If you’re going with the Paid hosting for sure that there will be so many benefits, you can count them on your fingers. On the other hand, if you talk about free website hosting, you might not get those features. And as you will continue to read the blog, you will understand how beneficial it is for your website if you are using a Paid hosting.

Let me explain it to you with an example-
SSL certificate is something you will only get if you are using a Paid hosting. Backup plan, cPanel, and so many other things you will need for your website. You can get them with free web hosting as well, but you have to pay the extra amount for these features, but if you are someone who is already having the paid hosting you will get it in that package, and you don’t need to spend a single penny other than for the hosting.


Reliability in the free website hosting is also an issue. The uptime of any Paid hosting will be more than 99%.
But in the case of Free hosting, uptime is less, which is below 90%. And some of the free Hosting has very high downtime.
Website uptime is a significant factor for website ranking as well as customer acquisition.
For example, your website is facing downtime and customer visits your website and face error or speed problem then the chances are they never come back on your website.
And Another case is if your free hosted website gets immediate traffic, then there are high chances that your website will crash. But if your website hosted with good Paid hosting, they can easily handle instant traffic. So in terms of reliability, Paid Hosting is much much better than free web hosting.


Guys, I want to ask you. If you visited a very slow website, so will you go to it again, I think definitely not. The same thing happens with Free Hosting; the Speed of Free web hosting is slow compare to Paid Hosting. In such a situation, you can lose lots of business with a free hosted website. On the other hand, if you go with Paid Hosting, whether it is Shared, VPS Hosting, or Dedicated Hosting, the speed is optimized. The SSD used in Paid Hosting is Tuned for good Speed.
In such a situation, more and more people visit your free hosted website, then your website gets worse. The website speed is also important for google ranking; if Speed is slow, google never ranks your site on top.


The overall search engine ranking of the free hosted website is low. Google not promote a free hosted website. There are many reasons. The primary reason is the free web hosting sites not charging you for hosting. But after all, they need funds to run company, for that they run ads on your site. In such cases, sometimes ads are irrelevant to your google thinks they may be spammy. Google never promote these kinds of sites.
And the second reason for low google ranking is, the hacker mostly uses free website hosting for spamming or hacking. Due to this, google avoids promoting a free hosted website. But on the other hand, if you choose Paid Hosting for your website, and your content is good, the chances of ranking is high.


As you guys know, with free hosting for website, you get hosting for free. But you Provide your data to the company like email, contact info, etc. after all, they also need funds to run a company. So there are chances that they may use your data for other purposes, which is not in the case with Paid hosting. I feel security is also a significant issue in free web hosting. And one more thing hacking is easy with free website hosting. For example, if your business will be big with free hosting. In that case, hackers get attention, and they can easily hack your website that hosted with free hosting.
And SSL Certificate is not free in the free hosting if you want SSL, You have to Purchase.


If you’re someone who is already using free hosting for website, you might be aware of the fact that there is no such thing as customer support or service.
And now, as the owner, if you want your website to grow and if you wish to 24/7 support service for your website, then trust me, paid hosting is the only thing you need.
Paid hosting will provide you 24/7 customer service. Which means that whenever you will be in any problem regarding your server, website, or anything, they will be with you every time.
On the other hand, you might not be able to handle all those technical issues you’ll be facing on your website, which cannot be solved if you are using a free service.

So if you don’t want to get stuck in all those technical things and you want to run your website without any tension.
Paid hosting is just for you, it will help your website to grow, and you will be able to understand that every penny you invested is worth it.


If you go with free hosting for website, you don’t have to pay a single rupee for Hosting space. So in such a case, how free web hosting sites earn. After all, they need funds to run a company. You must have noticed free web hosting companies run their ads on your websites. In this way, they make money as you can see they charging you indirectly through advertisement on your site. And sometimes, these ads may be harmful to your site. For example, if ads are irrelevant or unprofessional to your website, that affects your Google ranking. Apart from this, if you want some basic features like SSL, you must have to pay to the company, but these basic features absolutely free with Paid hosting.


The future of the free web hosting site is not bright. We don’t know how long it will be free. And how long is this company going to serve you? But if you go with paid hosting, you will not face such types of problems. If your Paid Hosted website traffic increases, they would always support you. This is the not case with a free hosted website because who knows when this company will be shutdown.
If your website Hosted with free hosting, and if your business grows. In such a case, you want to shift to Paid hosting, But you don’t have the option to switch the company, you have to go with Paid hosting with the same company. Even if there is any problem in the Paid Hosting, you can easily download your backup and switch your hosting company.


If you have read the whole blog, Paid Hosting is Better than Free web Hosting in all aspects. Whether it is SEO or Features, Paid Hosting is better in everything. If you have a serious Goal or a business plan that you want to scale in the future, and you plan to earn money from your blog you must choose Paid Hosting.
if you just want to practice your blogging skill. You want to start blogging for your Personal memory, or you want a blog for your Part-time Project, then you can choose free hosting for website.
And there are many free hosting sites in the market, like,,, A2 hosting & Hostinger is the best Paid hosting in the market.

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