Cheapest web hosting in india

Cheapest Web Hosting in India- Hostinger Review

In my recent blogs, I explained about earning through Blogging, and here I will be telling about Web hosting and the cheapest web hosting in India.

What is web hosting?

Web hosting is a space where all your website data is stored. In simple language, let’s take an example of any offline business when you start any business you need a space to store all your essentials and to monitor all your business. So the website is also a kind of business and that virtual space is Web Hosting. You can not create your website or blog without web hosting, you need a Web hosting either paid one or free to create a website or blog of your own. So, web hosting is the process of using a server to host a website or blog; there are many web hosting. As an Indian, we love to bargain and buy anything at the lowest price as we can, so in my opinion, Hostinger is the best and cheapest Web hosting in India.

Cheapest Web Hosting in India- Hostinger Review

Hostinger is one of the best web hosting in India at a low price. Hostinger is growing day by day, and it has more than 10 million users. I use Hostinger to host my two websites through it’s shared hosting plan. So, if you are a beginner at blogging, then you should definitely go for the basic plans of Hostinger. The best thing I like about Hostinger is its affordable price and their service.

Hostinger Plans and Price

  • Shared Hosting
  • Cloud Hosting
  • VPS Hosting
  • WordPress Hosting
  • Email Hosting

Hostinger Shared Hosting-

In Shared Hosting, there is a common server shared by many websites. Shared hosting is best for beginners and intermediate.and the shared plan of Hostinger is also the cheapest web hosting in India.
Pricing- 0.99$- 3.99$ (Monthly)

Single Web HostingPremium Web HostingBusiness Web Hosting
1 Website
1 Email Account
Limited Bandwidth (100 GB)
1X Processing Power & Memory
Unlimited Number of Websites
Unlimited Email Accounts
Unlimited Bandwidth
2X Processing Power & Memory
Free SSL Certificate
All Benefits From Premium
Daily Backups
Free SSL Certificate
4X Processing Power & Memory
Hostinger shared hosting plan

Hostinger Cloud Hosting – Hostinger Review

Cloud hosting provides you multiple servers to store your web data, and all those servers connected. Here you can change server configuration according to your need. Pricing- 7.45$- 37$ (Monthly)

Unlimited Websites
100 GB SSD Storage
2 CPU Cores
Unlimited Websites
140 GB SSD Storage
4 CPU Cores
Unlimited Websites
200 GB SSD Storage
8 CPU Cores
Hostinger cloud hosting plan

Hostinger VPS Hosting

VPS Hosting is a Kind of shared hosting. The only difference is about the server distribution.
In shared hosting, the server shared by many websites. But if you’re talking about VPS hosting, the server is shared by a very limited amount of sites.
Pricing- 3.95$- 29.95$

1 GB memory
20 GB storage

2 GB memory
40 GB storage

3 GB memory
60 GB storage

4 GB memory
80 GB storage

6 GB memory
120 GB storage

8 GB memory
160 GB storage

cheapest web hosting in india
Hostinger VPS hosting

Hostinger WordPress Hosting

It is similar to any other shared hosting (Cheapest web hosting), but in addition to that, it is specially optimized for WordPress. Pricing- 2.15$- 14.9$

WordPress StarterWordPress PremiumWordPress Business
300 Websites
100 Email Accounts
20 GB Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL & Domain
Managed WordPress
Jetpack Free
300 Websites
100 Email Accounts
100 GB Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL & Domain
Managed WordPress
Jetpack Personal
300 Websites
100 Email Accounts
140 GB Disk space
Unlimited Bandwidth
Free SSL & Domain
Managed WordPress
Jetpack Premium
Hostinger wordPress hosting

Hostinger Email Hosting

Business EmailEnterprise Email
10 GB Email storage
2 Mail Filters
50 Email Aliases
Antivirus Check
Multi-device Support
30 GB Email storage
Unlimited Mail Filters
50 Email Aliases
Antivirus Check
Multi-device Support
hostinger review

PROS of Hostinger -Hostinger Review

1-Good uptime

Uptime of Hostinger is impressive. It provides you an uptime of more than 99.5%. It means that website goes down for a short time in the whole month and will always be in working condition.

2-Fast load time

As I told you earlier, I personally use a shared hosting plan of Hostinger. I experience the best load time for my websites though it is the cheapest plan of Hostinger. It provides the loading speed of 350ms, and the site will open within 3 seconds.

3-30 days money-back guarantee

Hostinger offers you 30 days money-back guarantee. If you buy any plans of Hostinger, and you face any problem or you want to quit within 30 days. then you will get a refund by Hostinger.

4-Customer Support

I personally love their customer support service. They text so politely that it seems to be talking with friends. If I face any problem, I text them in customer support and often get replies within 2 hrs.

4-Easy to use interface

If you are a beginner, and you do not have much knowledge about how to use hosting. Then Hostinger will be helpful to you, because of it’s easy to use interface. Cpanel here is easy to use. actually, you will get customized pannel that is Hpanel, and you will get big icons, which makes it easy it understand.


Site security and data privacy might be of the main priority for some of the Website owners. Hostinger focuses on this feature, offering some effective means in addition to typical SSL security certificates and anti-spam protection.

  • Free SSL.
  • Data Backups on a daily or weekly basis.
  • SpamAssassin and Cloudfare Protection.

6- Free website builder and 1 Domain

Hostinger Provide a free website builder in its services with any plan you choose. There are many different templates to choose from, too.
Once you’ve selected a template, you can customize everything using the Hostinger website builder.
In addition to the website builder, free domain names are also available with Premium and Business web hosting plans. And if you want more than one Domain, pay for that.

Best hosting plan of Hostinger

There are many Web hosting plans in Hostinger. Like shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting. In my opinion, the best plan or (Best web hosting in India for beginners) is the Premium web hosting of Shared hosting. It cost you around $2 ( 119 rupees ) per month. And I guess it is affordable for beginners. As per my consideration, you should definitely buy this plan if you are a beginner. This plan includes unlimited website hosting and unlimited bandwidth, and you will also get an SSL certificate for one domain and a free domain name.
And Hostinger also famous for its cloud hosting.

Cons of Hostinger -Hostinger Review

1-No Traditional Control Panel (cPanel)

Hostinger redesigned there Cpanel. So that they provide a better dashboard for their customers. Hostinger has tried to make it easier for the user to manage its website through the Hostinger cPanel dashboard.
While we love the modern-looking control panel, this could become a disadvantage to the tech expert who has fallen in love with the traditional cPanels.

2-Logged in to Access Live Chat

Hostinger’s live chat option is only available for logged-in users.
If you are not a Hostinger existing costumer, and you have a question related to Hostinger. You can’t live chat with the customer support team.

3- No one-click Backup restore option

Hostinger automatically creates a daily or weekly backup. but you want to restore the backup, there is a process. not a one-click ready-to-go option.

Domain name registration- Hostinger Review

Hostinger also provides domain name registration as well as web-hosting for your website at a very affordable price. So, if you want to register a new domain name, then you can register it with Hostinger. It will cost you around 450 for ‘.in.’ domain and 700 for ‘.com.’ domain.

cheapest domain registration in india


Step1- Click Here– Open hostinger dasboard and login or sign up.

how to buy hosting from Hostinger- Cheapest web hosting in india

Step2- click on hosting-and select hosting type

cheapest web hosting in india

Step3- Select hosting plan and month plan

hostinger review

Step6- Click on checkout

hostinger review-cheapest web hosting

Step7- Select payment mode and make payment

payment mode in hostinger

Step10- follow the steps shown in your Hostinger dashboard. And setup your domain and website.


Hostinger is an affordable/ (cheapest web hosting in India) option for those looking for secure and reliable shared hosting. The platform provides all the necessary features and tools to get started with your website. It is suitable for non-technicians thanks to a simple dashboard and a website builder. Hostinger is best web hosting in India.

if you don’t know what is shared hosting, cloud hosting, etc., click here Types of web hosting

Do I recommend this hosting?
Yes, in fact, I am using Hostinger for the past six months, and it also provides excellent speed to my websites. You are getting good speed, excellent uptime, new feature, and easy to use the interface at a very affordable price, what are you expecting more? If you are satisfied with Hostinger Review, Please share it with others.

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