how to earn money from Youtube

6 Ways, How to earn money from youtube.

We all spend so much time on youtube. But most of you don’t know how to earn money from Youtube. Is it possible to earn Youtube Money? And how much YouTubers can earn from Youtube? Here I will cover everything about Youtube earning. So stay with the blog. I am also a YouTuber from the last three years. And making good money from Youtube. In different ways. So you guys can trust me.

what is youtube

Youtube is a video platform, where anybody can watch the video and upload the videos. Youtube is a google product; for that reason, youtube gains lots of trust in users in the past few years. Youtube is also one of the best online platforms for passive earning. The best advantage of youtube is no one in the competition with youtube. It is the only leader in video platforms. If you passionate about anything and want to earn a good amount of money. Then maybe youtube is your first choice.

how to start a youtube channel

Well, I already post a separate blog about how to start a youtube channel for that click here.

way to earn money from youtube

Earn youtube money might not be your reason for creating a youtube channel, but the opportunities to earn money from youtube are a surprise.there are many ways to earn from youtube.
YouTube doesn’t pay video creators for the videos they upload. Neither are videos monetized by default. For you to start making money on YouTube, you have to enable monetization in your channel account settings. apart from ad monetization, there are many other ways, so stick to the blog, I will discuss every way right here-

  • YouTube Partner Program
  • sell your merchandise
  • create sponsor content
  • affiliate Marketing
  • Donation Funds
  • sell course or service
earn money from Youtube

Youtube Partner Program

If you want to earn money from youtube, then I think the Youtube Partner Program is the first and best way. Because anybody can apply for the Partner Program, no matter whats your youtube channel niche even though you don’t have high subscribers on your channel.
But there are some basic requirements for applying for the youtube partner program. You can apply for monetization once you’ve hit 4,000 watch hours, and 1,000 subscribers over the past year.

How to enable monetization on YouTube-
-Sign in to the YouTube account.
-Click the icon for your account in the upper right corner.
-Click YouTube Studio.
In the left menu, select Monetization.
Read and agree to the YouTuber Program terms & conditions.
Create an AdSense account and connect to your channel. (You need an AdSense account to get paid.)
Set your monetization preferences.

Monetization options

Video advertising

Once your channel is approved for monetization, advertisers can start running ads on your youtube videos. video advertising is best for beginners
Youtuber. And Your ad revenue will depend on the type of ads appearing on your video and the pricing of those ads. And types of ads display on your video depend on your topic.if your topic is more advertiser-friendly, the more ads show on your video. That means more earning. The video must Follow by our Terms of Service and Community Guidelines. And one more thing content must be non-copyrighted.


Your youtube channel subscribers can become members of your channel, paying a monthly fee in return for the exclusive perks that you offer, like exclusive videos for members, special badges for a live session, etc.


YouTube Partners can also use the shelf feature to sell their merchandise. You can design and sell your merchandise (like T-shirts, hoodies, and phone
cases) below your videos. And you must be at least 18 years old, with at least 10,000 subscribers.

Super chat

If you join the supper chat feature of youtube, you just need 1000 subscribers on your channel.
Super chat is a comment that is going to be pinned and highlighted in your live stream videos. Depending on the amount that they supper chatted, it will change colours and the duration for how long it’s going to be pinned.

Sell your merchandise-

Merch and the opportunities around it for YouTube creators. And not just the prominent YouTubers, even smaller channels with fewer subscribers can offer merchandise to their subscribers. But what types of products should you be selling? Well, I suggest that you prefer products related to your channel topic. For example, I m a motorcycle blogger. I prefer products, like labeled tank bags, tail bags, a keyring for motorcycle keys, etc. or you can sell the most common things like t-shirts, hoodie, coffee mug, etc.

You can sell your merchandise by creating your website or by using other platforms even you can use the youtube merchandise shelf.
Here are some ways you can drive people to your merch website or merch shelf on YouTube:

Links in the description – this is a common and most effective way to drive traffic. You just put a link of your product on a description of every video.
Custom link on channel art link– you can create a custom link of merch and put that link in your channel art link section with your call to action words.
YouTube cards– cards also useful ways. You can put the link in the video card section YouTube end screens. End screens also have a reasonable conversion rate for traffic on your merch site.

create sponsor videos

This is a right and advanced way to earn money from youtube. You don’t have to give a cut of your sponsor earnings to youtube. You negotiate directly with the brand; they pay you directly, not by Google Adsense. It’s a trendy way for YouTubers to make money. But in my personal experience, this is the not way for small youtube with few subscribers. For sponsor videos, you must have good subscribers and good reach. Because After all, your sponsor needs profit. So they always want that channel must be proper and targeted.
If you can offer brands a broad and engaged audience, and your content is relevant to their target market, they approach you. Either you can contact them. Sponsored videos increase your youtube earning by 2x or 3x.

Affiliate Marketing

Lets first understand what Affiliate marketing is.
This is the process of earning a commission by promoting products or services. You can select products that you like and promote it on your videos, put a link on it. Every time a visitor visits your link and purchases a product from your link, you get a fixed amount as a commission. As an affiliate, there is no ideal eligibility requirement. This is an excellent option for YouTube channels to earn from youtube. If you are a product reviewer, affiliate marketing is a miracle. You can earn more than a youtube partner program.

There are many affiliate networks in the market. But I use the Amazon affiliate marketing network for my youtube channel. Because my channel is about automobiles, for that, I promote bikes and car accessories. you join any affiliate network depending on your niche. Commission junction is also the best affiliate network provider. there are many companies listed as an affiliate network. You can join any one of them.

Donation fund

This is one of the ways where you can directly ask your subscriber to give some donation or some amount to support your work or your youtube channel. YouTube has a list of approved crowdfunding websites.
Like Patreon. You can join Patreon and ask your subscriber to support your work by donating some money.
For example, if your channel is about some research or something where you need funds for creating content. For that, you can directly ask your subscriber to fund you for new content.

Sell course or service

Sell your course or your digital products like ebooks or even consultancy is also a way where you can earn money from youtube channel. But this is the not case with all types of YouTubers. Like I am an automobile YouTuber, I review motorcycle and cars on my channel. I don’t have an opportunity to launch my online course. But if your channel is about learning, motivation, or any type of knowledge like the stock market, real state, or finance, etc. sell your digital products is the best way to earn a high amount of money. But remember one thing for selling your Products you have to gain your subscriber’s trust, and you really have a piece of useful knowledge in your niche.

I will give you a simple example: one of my friends run a youtube channel where he can teach you about online earning opportunities. And he also talks about youtube, how to start a youtube channel. Everything about the youtube channel: at the same time, he recently launched his youtube course. Where he Provides ebooks and video lesson about youtube guide(how to setup channel, how to monetize, etc.), so yeah, this is also a way to earn money from youtube.

How much YouTuber can earn

This is the question that everyone asks me because I am a YouTuber as well. How much YouTubers can earn this is a really subjective topic.
Because youtube earning is depends on many factors like sponsor opportunity, affiliate opportunity, and personally Youtuber skills. Because of no thumb rule to earn youtube money. Earlier I told you six ways of youtube earning. But these ways depend on YouTuber’s topic and talent.

If I simply talk about youtube Partner Program earning. A good rule of thumb is to assume that you will receive $0.5 – $1.00 for 1,000 views. But this is not the case with all YouTubers. If you are a comedy channel, your Youtube Partner Program earning will be $0.2- $0.3 for 1000 views. (by the way, this depends on your channel CPC) but at the same time, comedy YouTubers earn big money through sponsorship because of the large number of audiences. As a YouTuber, I make $0.3-$0.5 per 1000views.
Apart from the youtube partner program, I do sponsor videos, and also earning from the affiliate network.


As a YouTuber, I would say earn from Youtube an excellent way to earn online with work from home. I think you must try this. if you want to share your special talent or skill to the people through Vlogs/ videos. And many YouTubers earn really lots of money and fame. So you have to do is start your channel right now, choose your topic and go on. Now you know how to earn money from Youtube. Right? Please share this blog with others.

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