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Almost every one of you using YouTube. And some of you want to start your own YouTube channel, but don’t know how to start a Youtube channel. So, guys, I am here to help you. Currently, I am running two YouTube channels with more than 350k subscribers. And since 2017, I am in this field.

so, stick to the Blog, if you want to start a YouTube channel and want to earn money from YouTube.

What is YouTube?

We live in 2020. I think we all know what youtube is. Right? in fact, we all are using youtube on a daily basis.
So youtube is an American video-sharing platform. Where anyone can watch the videos and upload the videos. Moreover,
you can also earn money from youtube in different ways. Formed in February 2005, then Google bought the youtube in November 2006.
now youtube is one of the successful google products.

Youtube basic features

  • Anyone can search for and watch videos.
  • Anyone Creates a YouTube channel.
  • Upload videos to your channel
  • Like/Comment/share other YouTube videos
  • Users can subscribe to other YouTube channels.

Why YouTube?

It’s no doubt that YouTube is the most popular video platform on the Internet. And also, YouTube is the second largest search engine after Google. If you are a brand or an individual, starting a youtube channel is the best way to spread your brand awareness or share your skill/knowledge to the people. Because YouTube is Where Your Audience Is. According to the study, people watch about one billion hours of YouTube videos every day. Because watching a video is more exciting and engaging than reading a blog or paragraph.

And the advantage of youtube is anyone can start youtube channel without investing money. On the other hand, if you have good knowledge and good skill in your niche you can earn lots of money.
Yes, earn money from youtube is possible. I am earning a good amount of money through my youtube channel. I have two youtube channels with more than 300k subscribers, and I am earning from youtube for the last three years. So I have a good experience.

You can run your youtube channel as a part-time business, or even you can run as a full-time career, the choice is yours.
But I would say, one thing keep in mind that your youtube channel must be exciting for you.may be the topic is your hobby or your professional skills.
So stay with the blog, I will share my youtube experience. And teach you how to start a youtube channel and how to earn from youtube.

How to start YouTube channel?

If you want to start a youtube channel, you must have a google account. Then getting a new youtube channel set up is an easy and quick Process,
step 1- Go to youtube and sign in- open and click ‘sign in’ in the top right corner of the page. Then log in using your Google account.

Step 2- Create your channel- in the top right corner of the page, click on your profile icon and then ‘settings’ icon.
under the setting section, you will see the option ” create a channel” click on this link:
now you have the option to create a Personal channel or your business channel.
Now, give a name for your youtube channel and select a category.
option available include-

how to create a YouTube channel
how to add Profile on YouTube
  • Product or Brand
  • Company Institution or Organization
  • Arts, Entertainment or Sports
  • Others

congratulations. your channel is ready to go.
then ad channel logo and good quality channel art. by using

Make some strategy for your YouTube channel


Your Youtube channel niche is must be interesting and engaging for viewers. At the same time, Profitable too.

Keyword research

Do some keyword research for youtube content by using Google Keyword Planner. A right keyword means good reach.

VALUE adding and unique

Try to add some values through your videos, and video content must be non-copyrighted.


Youtube Provides you a detailed analysis of your videos. Views, watch time, average view duration, like-dislike, etc.
So learn it and improve your analytics graph.

Create and link you social media link

If you want to become a professional youtube, then I think other social media network like Instagram and Facebook helps you.
So create your social media presence and connect with your youtube channel.

10 Tips for Starting a YouTube channel

1) Name, logo channel art-

First, I talk about the channel name. If you want to start a youtube channel, then the channel name is a really important factor that helps you to rank on youtube.
Your youtube channel name must be easily readable. Try to make it simple and relatable to your Niche.
For example, my youtube channel name is A2Y motoride, what you think, what is the niche of my channel. Many of you are guessing that it’s about automobiles. Right?
Yes, you are right, it’s about bike and car reviews.
And talking about the channel logo, it also must explain your niche. And make it simple, so that easy to remember.
And channel art is something where you can show your creativity related to your Niche. And remember, channel art must be of excellent quality.

how to add channel art on YouTube
channel art for youtube channel

Tags, Description and about section

Your youtube channel must have About Section where you can tell about yourself, about your channel and about your skills and qualification that matters to your channel and add your email and contact information. So that if any brand wants to collaborate with you, they can easily reach you.
And each video that you will be upload on youtube has a Description section, where you can describe your particular video in brief.
If you need the excellent reach of video, you must add a description in your video that will help in the SEO of video.

Tags– Tags are essential for Youtube video SEO. You must add tags related to your videos. For example, the video title is How to start a Youtube channel. Then the tags will be- how to start a Youtube channel, create a Youtube channel, how to earn from Youtube, earn money from Youtube, start your Youtube channel, etc.


A thumbnail is like a video cover. If your video is on youtube feed of any user, and you want a user that clicks on your video. Then your thumbnail must be attractive, eye-catching, and Professional. A good thumbnail can increase your CTR(click-through-rate). Remember, don’t use clickbait thumbnail that not related to your particular can create a good thumbnail using Canva.

what is thumbnail


How to grow a youtube channel is more important than how to start a youtube channel. Consistency is one of the significant factors for channel growth. You have to have consistent. Because if you are not regular to your channel, google never Promote your videos.
You can define your interval and upload it regularly. Maybe you upload daily, weekly, or twice a week, it’s up to you. But be consistent. If you choose daily, then you must be upload videos every single day, at least at the beginning.

Video Production Quality

Content Quality is more important than quantity.
Nowadays, competition is very high on youtube. You are not a single YouTuber that uploads videos on your particular niche; there are many channels out there.
So if your video quality is poor, no one watches your videos, they simply switch to another youtube channel. On the other hand, the sound is also very important; audio must be clear and crisp.
So your video and audio quality must be perfect. You can use a good quality camera and mic for that.


a Youtube video Title is an important part of your video performance on youtube. For example, if I create a video about youtube career. Then the title will be how to start a youtube channel.
Excellent and engaging titles increase your channel CTR(click-through rate). When someone sees your video on youtube feed, they use your thumbnail and title to decide they are going to watch or not.
And title also helps in video SEO, because the title summarizes your entire video content. So try to add your targeted Keywords on the youtube video title. And make it short and straightforward.
Tips– don’t use the special character on a video title, maybe it looks spammy to the google. Use attention-grabbing words like wow, or emotional words. And Don’t use clickbait titles; it is dangerous for your channel.

YouTube Guidelines and Policy

If you want to start a youtube channel and earn money from youtube. You need to follow youtube community guidelines. Spam, Sensitive content(children safe, sex & nudity, and self-harm), Hate speech, predatory behavior, graphic violence, malicious attacks, and content that promotes harmful or
dangerous behavior isn’t allowed on YouTube. If you use these, youtube will penalize your channel. And also, follow youtube policy like age restriction, etc.
Avoid copyrighted content youtube never promote copyrighted content. Don’t heist other YouTuber content. Create your content, follow youtube policy, and terms. That’s the key to successful YouTuber.

End screen and cards

An End Screen is a YouTube feature that appears in the last 5-20 seconds of a video. YouTubers can use their end screen to promote videos, playlists, or external websites. The end screen can help you to get more views and engagement. The end screen helps you to acquire viewers for a long time because the viewer can click on the end screen, and jump to another video of your channel. You can also add a subscribe button on the end screen so that if any viewer watched your entire video, so they can subscribe to your channel.

YouTube cards are also important. It gives notifications inside your video, which you can use to help you to promote your video. One video can contain a maximum of 5 cards. There are different types of cards you can use, add video or playlist, ask for a donation, or add your website link, etc.

what is end screen and cards on youtube

Watch time

Watch time (or audience retention) is the total amount of time in aggregate that viewers spend on your videos.
Nowadays, video watch time is a significant factor for ranking. If you have a good watch time, which means your video is engaging and informative.
So, youtube promote those videos.
Tips for good watch time– 1) Choose Titles and Thumbnails That Accurately Describe Your Content.
2) Create videos on long-tail keywords.

Viewers relation

If you want to start a youtube channel and earn from youtube, you have to make a relationship to your subscriber.give some importance to subscribers. Maybe you can reply to the comment or give the heart to comment so that they will feel you provide value to the subscribers. You may do Q&A video regularly, weekly, or monthly.
You can also collaborate with other YouTubers in your niche.

Tools For Youtubing

Youtube studio- youtube studio is the home for youtube creators, you can manage your channel from youtube studio dashboard. Youtube studio App is an official mobile app available for Android and IOS.
TubeBuddy- youtube is a free extension for your browser (Chrome and Firefox). This is the third party tool. Believe me. This is the best tool for your youtube channel.

For creating youtube videos, you need a Camera(maybe you can use your mobile phone as a camera in the beginning), good quality mic, editing software (Filmora Wondershare is the best editing software for beginners), setup (background or studio), animated software if you want to create animated videos. Computer/smartphone these are basic tools. If you become Pro, you may add some extra tools.

How to earn from Youtube

Youtube is one of the best platforms for online earning. If you are skilled and followed the above steps for start Youtube channel. You can earn lots of money and make youtube as a career.
6 ways to earn from youtube-

  • YouTube Partner Program.
  • Sell your merchandise.
  • Create sponsor content.
  • Affiliate Programs.
  • Donation.
  • Sell a course or service.


I think now I have cleared how to start a youtube channel and earn money from youtube. Follow these steps and become successful YouTuber.
And keep improving your youtube channel. And start your channel right now, don’t wait for anything. The longer we do, the more competition will be there.

Apart from youtube blogging is also the best way to earn online, for blogging you need a hosting- click here for types of web hosting blog.

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