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Affiliate marketing on Amazon- Steps to Join

Affiliate marketing is a process of earning a commission by promoting other’s products. If you want to earn digitally, then Affiliate marketing is one the best way to make money. You don’t need to sell products of your own or dispatch it to others. You just need to promote other’s products. To do affiliate marketing, you need a page with an active audience. You can earn by convincing others to buy products by clicking on your link. Affiliate marketing on Amazon is one of the best affiliates.

Affiliate Marketing for Amazon

You must have heard about Amazon is the world’s largest e-commerce website. Being such a big E-commerce, its tryst makes everyone to buy their products again and again. So, can you also earn through Amazon? Yes, you can earn a lot through amazon. Amazon offers the affiliate program that is also called Amazon Associates. You can monetize your websites, youtube, apps, and social media through Amazon associate program and earn well.

There are plenty of products from different categories listed on Amazon. All you need to do is to create a link of product through Amazon Associates and convince others to click on it and buy it. Once customers complete the purchase, you will get a small commission. The commission is usually a percentage of that product value. I am working on it for the past three years and must say that it is the best way to earn if you own a Youtube channel, website, social media account, and app. Amazon pays little less commission, but its conversion rate is high. You can join It for free, and promote any product available on Amazon, and earn well.

Where to do

You can earn a lot by promoting listed products of amazon, on your website, youtube, app, and social media.


Suppose you run a Youtube channel and uploads video related to Electronics review, automobile, or any type of product reviews. Then you can provide amazon associate links of products listed on amazon to your Viewers, and convince them to buy through your link. When they buy, you will get some commission.

Blog/ website- Affiliate marketing on Amazon

There are many websites which work on Amazon Niche, and the primary source of their earning is Amazon Associates Program. You can also create these types of Micro niche websites and earn by promoting products. If a particular category listed in amazon. You can also create Product review blogs, and provide links to your viewer, and make a commission from Amazon Associates.

Social media

If you have good followers on your Instagram or Facebook page, then you can review the products of Amazon and provide Amazon associate links to your followers. That depends on the trust of your followers towards you, and how you are convincing them to buy it from your link.

Commission rate and Conversion is the world’s largest eCommerce website. Its turnover is around $76 billion. Amazon serves in most of the countries of the world. Customers’ first preference is Amazon because everyone trusts such a big company like Amazon. Its trust makes you buy again and again. That is the reason for the high conversion rate of amazon. Let me explain to you by an example if you got 1000 views on your website or Youtube channel, there is a chance that about 100 of them will click on your link, and maybe 10 of them will surely buy that product. This graph and your earning will exceed by increasing the number of Views.
The commission is low compared to other affiliate programs. Commission rate is from 1% to 10% of product value, varying from categories.

Best alternate of Google AdSense

If you run a Youtube channel or website, and if somehow it is unable to monetize through Google Adsense. And also if you don’t want to monetize it because of some specific reasons. Then you can monetize it through Affiliate marketing on Amazon, and earn a lot by promoting products if amazon. You can also make more than Adsense earning. There are many websites that do not enable Adsense, and they only work with Amazon Affiliate marketing, but they earn even more than Google AdSense.

Eligibility- Affiliate marketing on Amazon

If you want to do Affiliate marketing on Amazon, then you must have a Youtube channel or website or app or social media with good followers.
Basically, there are two ways-

  • If you own a blog site or app, then you can simply sign up on amazon associate by following some simple steps, and you will get instant approval.
  • If you have any social media account with an excellent active audience or you have a Youtube channel, then also you can sign up directly by following simple steps, and you will get instant approval.

Steps to join Amazon affiliate Program

Visit the Amazon Associate program’s website to create an account.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

Click “I am a new customer” to create a new Amazon account. (Enter your name, email address, and choose a password to create a new account.)

Affiliate marketing on Amazon

Building Your Profile– ( 1- Account Information. 2-List the websites and mobile apps, or social media. 3- Answer about traffic and content to complete your profile)

Affiliate marketing on Amazon- steps for join amazon affiliate

Wait for a phone call to verify your identity.

steps for join amazon affiliate
Affiliate marketing on Amazon

Read and agree to the contract terms, then click “finish.

Waiting for Approval

After approval – now you can create your amazon affiliate link and share it on your website, youtube, or social media.

Affiliate marketing on Amazon- steps for join amazon affiliate

Choose how you’d like to get paid once your application is accepted.

Payment threshold and timing- Affiliate marketing on Amazon

The minimum payment threshold of Affiliate marketing for Amazon is $100( If you have less then $100 in a month, then it will add on to the next monthly payment cycle. It also offers you to set custom payment thresholds. That means if you want a $500 payout, then you can customize it. offers a minimum payment threshold of 1000 rupees, and if you have less then 1000 rupees, it will add on to the next payout. You can opt for direct bank transfer. They also support cheque payment. The minimum payout for cheque payment is $100.
Payment timing
Commission fees are paid approximately 60 days after the end of the month for which you are being paid. Payment of January month is paid in the last weak of March and so on. Payment is late because of the return timing of products.

Pros and Cons of Amazon Affiliate Marketing


  • Reliable and trustworthy– If you are a newbie to the affiliate programs then Amazon affiliate marketing is the best choice. Firstly, it is a well-known brand as it sells products of good quality. It has been in online business for more than 10 years which makes it a reliable one. Hence, you can be assured of your income.
  • Easy to start– Registering for the Amazon associates is one of the easiest things you can ever do on the internet. It takes only a few minutes for new applications to be approved and as long as you have a good website or mobile app, or Youtube channel. The chances are that your application will automatically be accepted.
  • Earn for all items-While anyone shops at the Amazon, they usually don’t purchase just one item, as they would shop for some more items that are not related to your affiliate link. That means you will not only earn for the items that you promote but also for other products the customers purchase.
  • Simple and beginners friendly interface– The Amazon associate program is known for its simplicity and beginners friendly features like plug-ins or web tools that can be used on your website. You can reach out to many buyers even through your social media sites like youtube, to earn more. And you can enjoy excellent client support services.
  • Almost all goods are available


  • Low affiliate commission– Starting from 0.2%, Amazon’s affiliate commission rates go up to 10%, and that’s it. Comparing with other affiliate networks, Amazon pays the less commission rate. Other companies pay higher commission rates.
  • Strict terms & Condition– For example, your account may get blocked for failing to make a sale within the first 90-days of creating it.

Final words

As an amazon associate, I would definitely recommend you to use it. Being an amazon associate is a great way to monetize your website and youtube channel, and earning money online by recommending products. You should try it and start earning from today. Because Affiliate marketing on Amazon is a reliable one.
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