Types of web hosting

6 Different Types of Web Hosting

Web Hosting is an online space for your website; that space is called a web server. It is a physical space of your website on the internet where website data, images, videos, and other content stored. There are many different types of web hosting; we will discuss further.
For example, if you own a coffee shop in your town, the shop is a space where all your coffee making equipment is stored. Similarly, if you are planning to launch a website of your business, you need a space called Hosting.
It might be free or paid.

Free Web Hosting vs Paid Web Hosting- Types of Web Hosting

I would say if you are serious about your blogging career and you will take it for the future, simply go for paid hosting.
Free hosting is not for you. Free hosting is something where you can test your blogging skill, not more than that. And Paid Hosting has Different types of web Hosting Plans.
Free Hosting Disadvantages Over Paid Hosting

  1. less uptime compare to paid hosting ( the downtime may go up to 2hrs daily)
  2. Limited Bandwidth.
  3. Security Problems.
  4. No customer Support in Free Hosting.
  5. Very Limited Storage Space.
  6. Mostly Free Hosting Does Not Provide Backup Plan.
  7. Very Limited Tools and Features in Free Hosting.
  8. If Your Free Hosted Website will do well in the future and planning to switch to paid hosting, there is no Option to except your current Hosting Company.

Types of Web Hosting

Shared Hosting

shared hosting (Types of web hosting)

In the shared hosting, there is a common server shared by many websites.
Shared hosting is a Basic Type of web hosting where you can Host your Website.
Whenever you will register to the shared hosting, or you will purchase the shared hosting, your website will share the same server with the other websites. This means that you will not get a particular dedicated server for your website it is like a platform where 1000s of sites are sharing the same server space. If you’re looking in the market, this will be the cheapest Web hosting you can find. If you are planning to start an online business or you are planning to start a website as an individual, this will be a great platform to Host a website with the cheapest investment.
Shared hosting provides you a different plan starting from only 5$ to $25 only per month.

And just for your knowledge, wherever you are reading this blog, it is also from the shared hosting website.
And just for your convenience, I am mentioning in total three best-shared hosting companies which should be in your go-to list if you’re searching for a perfect shared hosting server: A2 hosting, Hostinger, SiteGround.

VPS Hosting

VPS hosting (types of web hosting)

That is virtual Private server Hosting. If you have already been aware of share hosting and your daily traffic is 5000 or more than that, so VPS hosting is for you.
It is 1 step upgrade from traditional shared hosting.
It is also a type of shared hosting. The only difference is about the server distribution.
When we are talking about a shared hosting server is shared by many websites. But if you’re talking about VPS hosting, the server is shared by a very limited amount of sites. And also in addition to that provides. VPS is much more flexible, allowing you to configure your own environment.
In my opinion, the main benefit you will get from the VPS hosting will be the Availability of virtual monitor or virtual machine, with equally divided server specifications.

For example- if there are ten users on a server, then server configuration divided into ten virtual monitors with an equal amount of RAM, HDD, and CPU speed.
If the server has 40GB RAM and 2TB HDD, each user will get 4GB of RAM and 200GB HDD space.
VPS hosting is easy to scale up if you need more Resources; it takes a few minutes for the provider; they grant you the Resource you need.
We will start with the best VPS provider in the market.
A2 Hosting, Bluehost, etc.
You can choose any one of the above options for selecting your VPS hosting.
Pricing of VPS Hosting- $6-$40 (Monthly)

Cloud Hosting

Cloud Hosting

If you are worried about web hosting, then trust me, cloud hosting is the answer to all your questions. the best way to get rid of all those
shared hosting platforms where you share your server with many other websites and where you always ended hogging up your traffic.
Cloud hosting is the best type of web hosting to find a suitable server for your website. Providing multiple servers to store your data, and all those servers are connected to each other. And end up providing you the best results.

Changing the server configuration according to your needs, is one of the perks of cloud sharing. Let’s understand this by an example-
Just imagine you needed 2 GB data for today, so your configuration setting is according to your today’s need. But one day you want 4 GB, so you don’t need to worry about anything few quick changes, and you are good to go,
And addition to this, cloud Hosting provides you negligible downtime. How??
So as you are clear by now, that cloud hosting provides you to store your data at different servers, so if anyone of them server crashes or go down, you have other options available.

Trust me when I say that if your traffic is more than 10,000 or even 10,000, cloud hosting is just for you.
You might get confused with VPS hosting and cloud hosting, so let me tell you VPS hosting is similar to cloud hosting but an older version of the same platform.
So now when you are clear about your choice in web hosting platform, you might be thinking which cloud hosting server you should pick
Here are some of my favorites
Hostinger, SiteGround, if you have technical knowledge of cloud hosting, then Amazon web server is also a good option
pricing of cloud hosting- $6-$40 (Monthly)
Grab your opportunity to take your website to the top

Dedicated Hosting

Dedicated Hosting

As its name suggests, dedicated hosting provides you a server dedicated just for you, not like another shared hosting like where you need to share your server with other websites, and that’s how dedicated hosting is different from the others. But is it worth it? Let’s find out.
First of all, my suggestion will be that these types of Web hosting are not suitable for all of you out there. And if you are someone Who has better traffic on the website, you can go for cloud hosting or VPS hosting.

For sure, Like shared hosting in which you are sharing your server with other websites. There are chances that if any one of the websites goes down, it’s going to directly affect your website because you guys are sharing the same server. And then you don’t have to panic about other sites hogging up your traffic, but when you are investing in something like dedicated hosting, you can be sure about that fact, and you will be out of danger. Not just that, dedicated hosting is further divided into two types of web hosting.

  • managed dedicated hosting
  • unmanaged dedicated hosting

When you are talking about managed dedicated hosting, the server providing companies will help you with the hosting but not completely like any other web hosting service. But on the other hand, if you’re talking about unmanaged dedicated hosting, all the works you need to do is buy your own no one is going to help you from how to install the operating system to all the settings and security.
So you need to hire a server admin even if you are thinking about the manage dedicated hosting because you will not be able to handle everything on your own.
Confused which dedicated hosting is good for you from all those hosting servers providers you dedicated hosting one of the best are
A2 hosting or Bluehost.

If you ask me hosting is like a coin, yes, and you have a lot of disadvantages, but on the other side of the coin, there is so much good stuff.
So if you’re looking for specialized hardware or if you want a high level of data privacy, then you should invest in dedicated hosting.
Then who uses dedicated hosting?
All those big brands and companies like Amazon use dedicated hosting for them. So if you are someone who is running a small business or be a medium one, you don’t need to go for dedicated hosting.
Pricing of Dedicated Hosting- $100-$300(Monthly)

WordPress hosting

Does it sound new to you? Don’t worry. I’ll explain what WordPress hosting is its nothing new in the market. It is similar to any other shared hosting (Cheapest web hosting), but in addition to that, it is specially optimized for WordPress.
And as we all are aware that WordPress is a very popular platform.
So WordPress hosting is a service provider that focuses especially on WordPress.

Here different platform provides you the best server specially optimized for you when you are into WordPress.
If you’re going for WordPress hosting, the service provider will provide you one-click installation for WordPress and, in addition to that, so many security features which you will require when you are working with your website on WordPress.
What is WordPress hosting is mainly divided into two types of web hosting.

  • Shared WordPress hosting
  • Managed WordPress hosting

When you are going for shared WordPress hosting, it is mainly similar to any other shared hosting and will provide you pre-installation of WordPress. On the other hand, if you are thinking for more added benefits like enhancing security service, server catching, staging, and on the top faster-loading speed, then managed WordPress hosting is just for you.
So I think now it clear to you that WordPress hosting is nothing alien, just your standard shared hosting platform specially optimized for WordPress.
And if you are someone Who wants to run the website on WordPress, then WordPress hosting is the right place for you.

And just in addition to all the information above, I am suggesting you few of my favorite WordPress hosting for you A2 Hosting, Hostinger, Hostgator.
Pricing of WordPress Hosting- $5 to $35(Monthly)

Colocation Hosting

Colocation hosting is a service that lets you rent a space at the data server location.
And you use their bandwidth for your website. I hope you have completed reading dedicated hosting above if not go on,
Dedicated hosting and colocation hosting are almost the same types of web Hosting. Not just by the process also they are similar when we are talking about the disadvantages and advantages.

You will get the managed hosting in colocation hosting, which means that you just need to take care of installation and maintenance.
If you are already using cloud hosting or VPS Hosting and satisfied, I will suggest you colocation hosting to take your website one step ahead.
One thing you should keep in mind that colocation hosting is expensive in comparison to other shared hosting servers. But this investment will be worth it because it will help you to get rid of all the problems you might be facing now like downtime and other small factors which might be one of that reason your website is not doing great.

And if you are always worried about the traffic handling on your website, colocation hosting is worth the investment.
And like any other thing in the universe, even the colocation hosting is not perfect when you will be working with colocation hosting. You will face some problems.

Like you have to manage all those discomforts on your own when there is the time you will not be able to handle your server or anything like that. Don’t panic. They will fix it for you, but they will cost you the same.
If you are someone who just started the website or someone who is not much into high traffic, then you don’t need to invest in colocation hosting. You can just go for cloud hosting, which is like a blessing in the industry of shared hosting service. But if you are someone who has been using cloud hosting for a very long time, it’s time for you to take a step towards the advanced version that is towards the colocation hosting.

And now if we talk about the cost of using colocation hosting it ranges $20 to $200 per month.


Here are the six best types of web hosting in the market. I hope you have read the complete article. If you are beginners, then go for shared hosting without thinking of any other types. Shared hosting is also the cheapest web hosting in the market. And if your website is already hosted in shared hosting and you are doing well. You want to update your hosting. Then you go with VPS Hosting or Cloud Hosting. Dedicated hosting and Colocation hosting is an extreme level if you are a big brand with a powerful technical team, then you may go for these.

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