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August 2020

how to start blogging in india

How to Start Blogging in India

Blogging is becoming papular day by day, and many of you want to start blogging but unaware of it. There must be many questions in your head related to blogging like how to start blogging in India? where to start? , eligibility, contents, etc. And confused about it. I have been working on blogs and websites for many years. I have launched many blog sites. So, here I am to make you aware of blogging, and I will talk about some key points and procedures of blogging. And at last, you will come to know that if you need to start it. And if so, then how to start it?

What is Blog

The blog is a type of website focused on written content, where you can publish new content frequently. So, it is a website where you write articles(blogs) and peoples can read it by visiting your website. You must have heard that many celebrities also write blogs on their website. Blog have written content related to recipe, news, traveling, education, etc. So, these websites of written articles are called blogs. A blogger can express his/her feelings, views, experience to the world, and interact with others. For blogging, you need to have knowledge or hobbies in a particular field.

Should you start blogging

There is a myth that you should be a professional writer or web developer to start blogging. In my personal experience, there is nothing like that. You don’t need to be a professional writer, and also does not need any degree to start blogging. Factors like age, education, etc do not affect your blogging career. You just need to learn simple writing techniques, then you can start your blog. To start blogging, you need to select a topic in which you have some experience or knowledge, and then you can share it through blogging. So, yes, you can start writing the blogs even though your writing skills are not good enough.

Few reasons for blogging- how to start blog in india

1-Share your experience to the world

Many of you want to interact and share your experience with others, then you should definitely try blogging. You can write blogs about your personal experiences, traveling, recipes, etc. You can connect to your readers and interact with them, and you can also share your ideas and views on a particular field.

2-Build a community

Interaction with others by building an online community is best. Many of us want to do the same. You can interact with others by blogging, and connect to the world. You can find people with the same interest as you, and you can also learn from them. All you need to do is to select a topic according to your skills and interest and write articles on your website. Blogging also helps to improve your business. You can utilize your hobbies and interest to earn money.

3-Earning from home- How to Start Blogging in India

In today’s world, there are a lot of ways to earn online by working from home. As per my views blogging is the best among all. You can earn a lot by working from home. You have to attract your readers, and build trust in your website. And after gaining trust, you will generate traffic on your blog( more readers will visit). Then after you can monetize your blog and earn enough to pursue blogging as a career. You will not start to earn instantly, you have to wait. And after some time, you will definitely start to earn.

4-Build an online business

Many of you want to launch your online business and work online. Online businesses like e-commerce, selling services online, or any other online businesses are becoming papular. You can write your views on your selected topic according to your skills, interest, and hobbies. By gaining the trust of readers, you will generate traffic on your blog. And soon, you can sell your product or services online through your blog. Blogging is best to build a profitable online business and earn money from home.

How to start a blog- How to Start Blogging in India

  • Pick a blog name.
  • Get your blog online.
  • Customize your blog.
  • Write & publish your first post.
  • Promote your blog.
  • Make money.

Pick a blog name

choose blog topic– if you want to start blogging the first step is that you have to choose a topic of your site. if you can’t figure out what is the topic of your blog.
there are few rules to find a good topic-
Hobbies and Passion- In my personal experience hobbies and passion are the best topics. because if you working on your hobbies or your any interest, you will never get bored. And you will enjoy the work. basically you will not feel like work. like cooking, traveling, fashion, sports.
let’s take my example- I am passionate about Bike and cars and for that, I run an automobile youtube channel. and I am running this for the last 3 years. I never feel that I am you have to find a good and profitable topic in your hobbies.
Personal blog/Experience- these topics are about you. what you do on daily basis. the special events happen, your random thought, etc.
after finalizing the blog topic, you have to choose a good short and descriptive blog site name. the name should be short and describe your blog site that what is the topic of your blog site.

Get your blog online- how to start blog in india

Now you have decided your blog name and topic of your blog, right? its time to get your blog on the internet. for that you have to register your name online called domain registration. And you need a space for all of your website data storage which is web hosting, and software for website building and customization which is WordPress. don’t worry I will guide you. I have already published a separate blog about how to buy Budget hosting and Domain with step by step process click here for redirect to that blog. I choose Hostinger hosting for my blog.


Customize your blog-How to Start Blogging in India

now you have bought Hosting and domain. right? now, its time to customize your blog with your need and convenience. install WordPress in your auto-installer Hostinger Dashboard.
then you have to log in to your WordPress admin login. here are all options on the left corner of your WordPress dashboard.
Changing your blog design- once you log in you will be in the WordPress admin area. if you want to change the design you have to install themes. go to the appearance tab from the left side of the dashboard you will see many themes are already installed on your blog: twenty-seventeen, twenty-sixteen, etc. these are good for beginners you can select any of them. But if you need some other design, there are many themes plugin out there. simply you can click add new theme and here you can search and install them.
after finalizing the theme click on activate option. your blog is ready to use.

how to start blogging in india
how to start blogging in india- wordPress

Write & publish your first post.

now its time to do some blogging. For writing your first article on your site – click on posts in the left menubar. here you can see a post that automatically created on your blog, this a sample post you don’t need delete it click “Trash” just under the post. for a new post, click the “Add new” you are now on the post editor dashboard. here you can first add the title of the blog, add some paragraphs, add some relevant unique image. basically here you can write your complete blog post once you finished your some on-page SEO for organic ranking click the “Publish” on the top right side of the dashboard. congratulations, your first blog live now.
NOTE- your post, images should be unique. here you can not use others’ content.

how to write blog on WordPress
how to write blog post on WordPress

Promote your blog-How to Start Blogging in India

now your blog post is live. but for some initial traffic, you have to promote your blog by using a different channel-

Social media

social media like Facebook, youtube are the best way to promote your blog and drive some initial traffic. simply you can share your blog on your personal social media account or you can join some group for promotion on social media.


backlinks are also an effective way. In fact, this is a part of off-page SEO too. you can get some good backlinks from other website related to your site.
initially, you can use Quora for backlinks, simply you can answer some question on quora related to your topic and put a blog link on it.


collaboration is also the best way for blog promotion, but for beginners tough to approach other bloggers and get collaborated. but once you find it you can write a guest post on others’ blogs. when people visit that blog, you get noticed.

Adword- How to Start Blogging in India

you can also promote your blog using google adword. this is not free, but effective, you can put some money on your blog Promotion.
some other promotions tools are, submit to google/Bing search engine, email marketing, etc.

Make money- how to start blog in india

Yes, making money from your blog is possible. But guys 1 thing keep in mind don’t assume that you are going to start earning in the first month or even in 2-3 months, it could take 6 month or even a year. blogging needs patience, but once you get good audience, earning money form a blog is a very easy job.
some ways of earning money from your blog are-

Google Adsense

this is the most popular ad network. you can monetize your blog site through Google Adsense. one thing I suggest you that you have to at least 15-20 good quality post for applying for Adsense. once you get approved. you can place ad format in your post. another ad network is

Affiliate marketing- How to Start Blogging in India

Affiliate marketing is a great option for monetizing your blog. here you can promote and sell others’ products. and earn some commission.
some good affiliate networks are Amazon affiliate(Click here for step by step join Amazon associate), CJ, etc.

sell your Products

The online market is rising day by day. most of us prefer buying products online. Selling your products online is a great opportunity to earn money through your blog. you can write a blog around your products, and sell them on Blogs.

Sponsored Post

You can also write sponsored posts on your blog site. that means you can write articles about any third party products/services by charging some amount. you can earn really well through sponsored posts.

Final Words- how to start blog in india

So, anyone can start blogging in spite of his/her age, degree, and writing skills. It is very easy to start, and the best way to earn online. I hope, I was able to explain all the key points to you. As I explained earlier that earning is also possible through blogging, and you can earn a lot to pursue it as your career. As per my views, this is the best time to start blogging. The competition will start by passing time. So, go book your domain name, hosting and select a topic according to your skills and interests, and start working on it from today. And soon after 6-8 months, you will start to earn. I hope now you know how to start blogging in India. this blog was helpful to you, please share it with your friends and family.