How to earn money online in India

10 Ways, how to earn money online in India

As I am working online for the past 3-4 years, in my personal experience, there are many ways to earn money online in India. I use some of them to earn. I make a great amount from YouTube, blogging, and affiliate marketing. There are some other ways which I don’t use, but you can use them accordingly. Most of us prefer working from home due to the current scenario and also for your extra income. Many of us are wondering how to earn online, So here I have mentioned the best ten ways to make money online by working from home in India or any other country.

Blogging – Earn money online in India

Blogging is one of the best ways to earn money online in India, Many people started blogging as part-time work, but now they are earning enough to make blogging as their career. So basically, blogging is an online opportunity where you can write articles. If your writing and expression skill is good you should definitely try blogging. To create a blog, you have to select a particular subject according to your ability and interest. In which you are going to write articles online after that you need to create a blog page so that readers can visit that blog/website, once readers start visiting your blog, you will begin to earn. To create a blog page, you have to buy hosting either paid or a free one.

In blogging, you can earn through AdSense, affiliate marketing, and sponsor posts. It will take about two to three months to create traffic on your blog. After that, you will start to earn. If I talk about myself, this blog is all about making money online, and I think this is helpful to all of you. So like this, you can also write blogs on any topic as per your consideration. The first thing to keep in mind while writing a blog is to write a valuable and demandable blog so that

How to earn from YouTube

We spend so much time on YouTube. It would be best if we start earning through it. Making through YouTube is the best way to earn money online in India; many YouTubers are earning millions.
Youtube is an online platform where creators upload videos and all of us can watch them; this will help him/her to earn. We can work on YouTube by staying at home. And we can make an online career through youtube, all we need to do is to select a topic to which you want to make videos like comedy, motivational, reviews, study-related, brand, etc. according to your skills. I had made a separate blog on how to make money on YouTube. You can read it by clicking here.

As I told you earlier, I am working on YouTube for 3-4 years. I can earn well from youtube also. I made videos related to automobiles, and my channel name is ‘A2Y Motoride’. So if you want to start a YouTube channel now, you should work on useful content on your selected topic, and soon you will begin to earn online by monetizing your videos. And you can also make money on YouTube through Sponsor videos and affiliate marketing. So we can say that earning from YouTube is easy if you are talented in a particular field and if you can explain well on camera.

Affiliate marketing – Earn money online in India

YouTube and blogging, most of my earnings are from affiliate marketing. Affiliate marketing is like a partnership with other companies that provide products or services, it’s like you sell their products or service, and you will get some commission. You can do affiliate marketing by providing their links on your site, youtube, or by sharing that link. When visitors buy a product or any service by clicking on your link you will also get paid for that. 80% of companies are working through affiliate marketing; some of them are Amazon affiliate, Commission junction, etc. The best way to do affiliate marketing is through blogs and YouTube. Still, if you are not a blogger or YouTuber, you can also earn money from affiliate marketing on Instagram, WhatsApp, and Facebook. Affiliate marketing is a good source of online income if you want to work from home and earn well.

earn money from affiliate marketing


Many of us want to do some part-time online as well as full-time online works like web designing, video editing, data entry, SEO, etc. to add on to our income. Freelancing could be the best way to work from home and earn money online in India, whether you work part-time or full time. Many websites offer you freelancing works according to your skills. All you need to do is register on that website and select the work according to your skills and interest, clients can also contact you through those websites, and when you complete their work, you will be paid. So you can earn well through freelancing work. If you know web designing, you can make websites of your client and can earn well, and some other tasks like you can share recipes, stock market-related work, data entry, SEO, etc. Some of the well-known freelancing websites are,,, all you need to do is register to these websites and start earning from today.

How to earn money from Instagram

We all are aware of Instagram; most of us are using it. In today’s time, we can also earn through Instagram. You can use Instagram as your source of income. But Instagram needs some time and creativity to attract and gain followers and to be popular in a very short time. To start earning on Instagram, you need to have an Instagram page according to your interests and skill like food vlog, fashion, fitness, pets, etc. Try to post some original posts according to your field. This will help you to gain followers in a very short time, once you start gaining followers, brands related to your domain will contact you for paid posts, and stories. As we all know that there is so much competition among brands so they will contact you by themself. You can also earn from affiliate marketing on Instagram. So finally, in my view, Instagram is the best way to show some creativity and work from home to earn money from Instagram.

How to earn money from Instagram

Online courses

Most of us want to learn from home. Many online courses are available there, which can help you to learn. You can also earn by creating online courses in a particular field and selling them. This is the best way of sharing and earning. To create an online course, you should be an expert in a specific area in which you are going to develop courses. Like science, maths, digital marketing, SEO, fitness, etc. this will help you to gain the trust of your students, and they will surely recommend to others. To sell online courses, you need a platform, you can sell them by creating your websites, or you can also sell them through other sites like As per now, most of us prefer learning from home, creating online courses could be the best career option for the future also.

Online Consultancy

We all prefer consultancy to solve our issues related to health, career, or any other topic which enhance our knowledge on a particular subject. Nowadays, people prefer online consultancy rather than visiting any consultancy provider. Online consultancy is an excellent opportunity to earn money online in India while working from home. Online consultancy can be the best career option if you are an expert in a particular field like health, fitness, digital marketing, SEO, education, etc. You can solve the issues of people and earn well. It will be fun to do so. You can provide online consultancy by creating your website or through social media. In my opinion, online consultancy is the best career option as per the current situations and in the future onwards.

How to earn form E-Commerce website

The online market is rising day by day. Many new e-commerce companies are emerging every day. Most of us prefer buying products online rather than visiting shops or malls. You can earn as much as you can by selling your products online. The first thing to keep in mind while working with e-commerce is how to sell and what to sell. You can sell your products by creating websites of your own or by working as a seller of big companies like Amazon, Flipkart, etc., and you can also earn by drop shipping. So basically, e-commerce is the best source of online earning in which we can earn a lot.

Stock market – Earn money online in India

Stock trading is the best way to earn money online in India. We can make a lot in very little time by buying shares and selling them when they get higher. Unlike other sources in stock trading, you need some investment, and there are certain risks of loss. To become a stock trader, you should have to be an expert in the stock market, and you should have a Demat or trading account, which you can create free through Upstox, 5paisa, etc. As a beginner, invest less on stock trading as there is a risk of losses, try to learn about stock trading, and then invest there.


Many of you are unaware of the webinar, so basically, a webinar is an online event hosted by a particular person where the online audience can join and interact through their pcs, mobiles by paying some fees. The webinar is also a source of online earning by conducting webinars online in any particular topic in which you are experts like motivation, online marketing, etc., by charging some fees. As we all know, due to COVID 19, most of us want to work from home and earn money online. Working from home and earning online would be the best source of income in the coming days.


These are the ten best ways to earn money online in India .you can use these ways to make some extra income as well as for your career. I use most of them to make money online for 3-4 years, and I can earn well. So start working online from today by choosing a particular field according to your skills and interest, and inevitably you start earning within 2-4 months. If this blog was helpful to you, kindly share this with your friends.

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